An Adoption, A Party and Earrings

Today was a complete day of awesome, even though I am exhausted from the days activities. I worked as normal Saturday which meant I did not get off work till this Sunday morning, I managed to get a few hours sleep before the adoption party this afternoon. The party was awesome, there were several families there and all with children, the sounds of happy children playing were to be heard throughout the day and to be honest that was the most heart warming part of the day.

The kids played in the pool, splashing and giggling all the while, we the adults were close by tending to the food and enjoying fine conversation and the friendship of others. This is my first experience with a child being adopted so it is all new to me, even though the adoption is not mine so to speak I have been really excited. What an amazing experience, to see the love this woman has for a child who is not of her body, to know what she has gone through to protect this child and now to finally be able to see it all culminate in this most wonderful experience has been amazing.

I have given a great deal of thought to the party or circumstance as a whole, what is the proper gift for such an occasion, the little girl (my new bestie) is such a sweetie, she is still to young to fully understand the entire adoption process, she does not recall how she was neglected by her birth mother, the days she went without proper care, simply left in a crib with a bottle to keep her quiet, she does not recall the days where she was seldom held, loved on, talked to, those days have been replaced by more love and affection than you can imagine, she never wants for food for her body or spirit. She truly has a mom now in every sense of the word, a true and devoted mother who loves her and would give her life to protect her.

My little bestie has been talking about getting her ears pierced, i had teased her about the huge holes she would have in her head when they became pierced but she knew I was only joking, she said “I had jokes” so I thought it only fitting that I offer to take her to get her ears pierced this coming week.

When I asked if she would like to have me take her she squealed with delight, so  this week I shall take her to get them done, I truly hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew. I suspect there is going to be a bit of fear when we actually get there and it sinks in that this is actually going to happen, so if she changes her mind that will be ok as well, I suspect that an ice cream cone may well be just as wonderful to her whether she gets them pierced or not,  but we shall see.

I am not sure who is going to be more nervous she or I,she is the apple of my eye, I have no piercings but surely it has to hurt a bit and I do not like the idea of her experiencing pain at all but it is a rite of passage so to speak and f she wants it done then done it shall be!


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