Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Well today was the day my little friend got her ears pierced,now I have zero piercings and have no clue about how much it would hurt, but when I saw the look of excitement on her face when I picked her up, well I was game for anything or so I thought.

She was all smiles and was very brave but when the first ear was pierced and I saw those tears stream down her cheeks, I nearly lost it, my heart dropped to my toes, but I kept a brave face and in short order it was all over and I am sure happy about that because those tears that streamed down her little cheeks broke me

She picked out her own studs and I admit she looked really pretty, she was oh so brave, far braver than I was that is for sure, and true to my word we had ice cream afterwards and as we all know ice cream makes everything better and if 1 scoop is good then 2 must be awesome!


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