The Written Word

It has been stated many times that the written word is magic, more powerful than any sword. The magic I believe is not only how the reader is influenced by what is written but the emotions experienced as they are written. I have often said that despite the words written on these pages I am no writer but I have experienced the magic of writing, those moments when the words flow with ease, clear in thought, intent and feeling.

Where this desire to express myself with the written word will take me if anywhere remains a mystery, but I so look forward to the journey. Perhaps in time my writing skills will improve, I know that my occasional readers surely hope so.

There is power, self-confidence and more to be gained from the written word, how we choose not only the words we write but their meaning or intent says as much about the intended message as the content. There are those in this world who know that many will believe anything that they read despite no verifiable evidence to back up an allegation. There are those that realize that an allegation only need to be made to cause harm, that despite the allegation later being proven false many will never believe it.

Those individuals abuse not only their literary gift but the trust of others,  in time the liar is found out and their world is forever tainted as a result of their dishonesty. The winds of change are blowing once again in my favor, the end of this year is set to be one of joy, redemption and happiness.

The Written word, let it always be your friend, never a foe or a path of self-destruction!


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