Hump Day Humor 3-12-2014

March 12, 2014

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That explains why they wear them that way, those poor fellows have no ass

That explains why they wear them that way, those poor fellows have no ass





April 13, 2012

Late or early this morning depending on your viewpoint I was talking with Roxanna, it was one of those conversations with no particular topic. We were just spending time with one another and enjoying the sounds of each others voice.

I have no idea how we got on the topic of who we think is cute or sexy in the movies but we did, for her she said she thought that this guy named Hugh Jackman was cute and sexy. Perhaps he is if you like the muscular, rugged good looks type.

I of course countered with Sandra Bullock and almost instantly Roxie started to snicker. I ask what was so funny and she said something to the effect that she thought she was ok looking if you’re into raven haired women (Roxanna has Jet black hair) and naturally we both burst out laughing. We talked about what we thought was sexy in a person, other than looks or body type, to me a sense of humor and intelligence are very sexy traits in a woman, I also believe that a womans personality has as much to do with being sexy as her looks or body.

Somehow the topic changed a little, she asked me who I thought was sexy or pretty ect that the main stream media may not include in the typical list of Sexy Women.I gave the question a bit of thought and came up with 2.

 The first is Mary Lou Retton. I have had a crush on this women since I was a teenager and first saw her during the Olympic Games, she has the most amazing and vibrant personality. She is cute as the dickens and just seems to be an all around sweetheart and she is also very intelligent. During my time in the US Army I even got to see her in person, she was part of a USO tour for US Service members and like most if not all the men present she had my undivided attention.

The second woman I chose is Mayim Hoya Bialik, who is this you may ask? This woman has enjoyed a film, stage and TV career for nearly 30 years, if you are a 90’s tv buff you should know this name, but the average person would know her from her work on the wildly popular TV show The Big Bang Theory She plays the girlfriend of Sheldon Cooper, Amy Farrah Fowler and of the entire cast I believe she is the only one on the show who actually has holds a PhD.

No, she does not have a models body or the Hot girl looks of some hollywood starlets, but she is pretty in her own way to me, she has an amazing sense of humor,wonderful personality and she is extremely intelligent hence the PhD.

Sex appeal, and beauty should not be confined to a particular body type or facial feature, besides can’t we all make our own choices as to whom we think are beautiful and sexy. I believe we should do just that, for one I am tired of seeing the typical bubble headed bleach blonde stick figures with nothing between her ears on every magazine cover. We need only open our eyes to everyone around us to see true beauty and worth in anyone!

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