Musical Monday 3-17-2014

March 17, 2014

Talent has no age limit


Touching Song From a Talented Duo

November 3, 2013

Love is tough even in the best of times, this song speaks to the not so best of times we all have experienced at one point or another in our lives

Hump Day Humor 10-30-2013

October 30, 2013

stinky job 10-30-2013pawned 10-30-20131 million dollars 10-30-2013camel threat 10-30-2013pac man fever 10-30-2013no camel love 10-30-2013hump day honey 10-30-2013

The Final Touches

July 10, 2013

wedding plans calendar 7-8-2013

The final touches for the wedding between Roxie and I are almost complete. The logistics have been tough as our family and friends are spread to the four winds it seems. To the credit of everyone, all have made every effort to make sure our special day is shared with all of our family and friends.

Our maid of honor, brides maids and best man have long since been chosen and they have been our rock when the  details seem ready to overwhelm Roxie and I. The honeymoon has been planned, the tickets purchased and all of those wonderful details have been taken care of.

Those final touches, indeed they are many but she and I have worked through every trial and tribulation we have met. I am pleased to say that not once has she even shown the slightest tendency to become a bridezilla.

There have been days where the pressure to get it all done and done the way we want it have just about caused me a migraine but it is all worth it!

That wonderful day is insight and I can not wait to hear the minister tell me I can kiss my bride and then announce us as a married couple!

The final touches indeed!         wedding plans 7-8-2013


Hump Day Beach Post

June 5, 2013


roxie vacation pic 6-5-2013

The emails have piled up and frankly I have thought little of blogging the past couple of weeks. I have enjoyed my life with Roxie as much as possible and as of late that means beach time. We spent 2 full weeks on the beach having a blast, making new friends and visiting old ones.

We both have stressful jobs and the upcoming wedding has only added to our normal stress level. So off we jetted to the Caribbean , I got home one night and told her we needed a vacation and we needed it now.  Roxie agreed and by that Friday we were gone, we did not tell anyone we just hopped on a plane and jetted south.

It is likely our last vacation together until after we are married and  we enjoyed every minute of it. The weather for the most part was perfect and on those days it wasn’t we simply stayed in bed all day  loving one another, talking and more. I am now pretty damn good at painting her toe nails, she has the cutest feet ever.

There were no plans made this trip we just went and it was exactly what we needed.

So for those that emailed me wondering how she and I are doing well in a word we are “perfect”, we are now rested and refreshed and ready to once again tackle all that life throws at us.

I wish you all the best and there is much more to come, I am just ready for bed as I write this for Wednesday…Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Even Today is not Promised

March 18, 2013
12-1-2010, 3-17-2013I love you Buddy

12-1-2010, 3-17-2013
I love you Buddy

Death will come for us all at some point in our lives, this fact has been made clear with the recent passing of Roxie’s grandmother as well as my former mother-in-law barely a month ago. Sadly there has been another death in my family this morning my pal Cisco.

Cisco is a recent addition to my family, a gift from a friend late last year. My pal had been a bit peaked yesterday but was still his friendly and playful self. This morning as I got up to start my day and tend to my dogs it was very clear he was in trouble.

I had gotten up earlier this morning  to use the bathroom and he was seemingly fine actually he looked a  bit better so I went back to bed. This morning as I opened his crate to take him out to potty he did not greet me as he normally does, there was no goofy smile or that first long stretch of the morning. There was also a terrible odor and I saw what at first looked to be urine in his crate but there was also blood and a lot of it.

I called to him to get up and as I encouraged him to move he willed him self out of his crate(the heart of a Lion) it took all he had it seemed to even move but move he did. he collapsed on the floor outside of his crate at the foot of the stairs leading out of the basement.

Cisco weighs over 120 pounds and in his condition I could not carry him up the stairs alone, I pleaded with him to rise and walk and I used all my strength to and he his to make it up the steps and then outside. There he collapsed and could move no further, his breath was labored and he was in pain.

No one was around to help me get him in the truck, I called 911 it was the only hope we had. The local police department sent an officer out within a few minutes and with his help we were able to put him in the bed of the truck.  The officer asked if I knew the way to the Vet clinic and I said I am new to the area but had an address and would use on star to get directions.

The officer said he would lead the way to the clinic and I followed him, we arrived quickly and I am very thankful for his kindness , it was surely not a normal call for him or the department he works in. As I ran inside the clinic I was fearful as the waiting room was packed but I informed the staff of my emergency and they brought a stretcher and Cisco was in their emergency room in a flash.

As I sit here writing this, I can still see the look of concern on the officers face, like myself he is a dog lover. The officer told me of his boxer and how much he means to his family. I was in the process of completing the intake form, when the doctor asked me to come into the room with Cisco. we had not been there 5 minutes so I knew instantly the news would not be good.

The doctor gave me the grim news, my pal Cisco was dying and there was little to no hope of a recovery. As the doctor asked me questions about his health in general and of the last few days she described the diagnosis, it seems my pal had inherited a condition that afflicts some Dobermans and he displayed all the signs.

His head was in my lap and I comforted him as best I could but it was clear he was suffering and his pain was getting worse, I made the truly difficult decision to end his suffering.  My dear friend Cisco passed away with bravery and in a dignified manner, His head in my lap as I stroked his ears he licked my hand one last time and then he passed away.

He was only with me for a short time but the influence he made in my life is without measure, he was a friend to us all!

Cisco you were an awesome buddy and I am grateful that you were my friend even if it was only for a short time.

The Best Wedding Speech Ever!

February 24, 2013

A Fathers Gift   <<<<<click link

A Fathers Gift 2-24-2013

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