Hump Day Humor 7-3-2013

Little did I know oh so many months ago that this weekly post would become so popular. To those that stop by often or just once in a while I am sorry I have posted far less than normal. The wedding plans, work and life and general have required my time and I believe rightfully so!

As for the wedding plans they are right on schedule, Roxie I am proud to say has not shown the slightest hint of becoming a “Bridezilla” The wedding day will soon be fast upon she and I…..I can hardly contain myself!

minisoda 7-3-2013Free speech 7-3-2013before and after coffee 7-3-2013mr potato heads lol 7-3-2013dog humor 7-3-2013chic chat 7-3-2013Spam wishes 7-3-2013


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