Hump Day Beach Post


roxie vacation pic 6-5-2013

The emails have piled up and frankly I have thought little of blogging the past couple of weeks. I have enjoyed my life with Roxie as much as possible and as of late that means beach time. We spent 2 full weeks on the beach having a blast, making new friends and visiting old ones.

We both have stressful jobs and the upcoming wedding has only added to our normal stress level. So off we jetted to the Caribbean , I got home one night and told her we needed a vacation and we needed it now.  Roxie agreed and by that Friday we were gone, we did not tell anyone we just hopped on a plane and jetted south.

It is likely our last vacation together until after we are married and  we enjoyed every minute of it. The weather for the most part was perfect and on those days it wasn’t we simply stayed in bed all day  loving one another, talking and more. I am now pretty damn good at painting her toe nails, she has the cutest feet ever.

There were no plans made this trip we just went and it was exactly what we needed.

So for those that emailed me wondering how she and I are doing well in a word we are “perfect”, we are now rested and refreshed and ready to once again tackle all that life throws at us.

I wish you all the best and there is much more to come, I am just ready for bed as I write this for Wednesday…Happy Hump Day Everyone!


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