59 Years

elderly married couple 3-12-2013

Upon hearing of the death of my former mother in law, I was filled with the need to offer comfort to my former father in law and his family. They were a loving and devoted couple to one another for 59 years an amazing accomplishment to be sure.

He and I shared a very nice and heart warming conversation and it was clear despite his best efforts that he is naturally lost and feels empty inside. There is no way I or anyone else can take this pain away from him but hearing him laugh if even just a bit at one of my jokes did us both a world of good. Despite not having spoken to them in several years, I still love them both sadly it takes a death to remind us of those feelings some time.

I called my former  wife this afternoon and was pleased to hear her sound happy to hear from me, if a bit surprised at first. The two of us shared a few Momma Jan stories which helped both our moods, we actually spent a good bit of time talking and catching up. Despite our saddened hearts we both shared a few lite and happy moments as we recalled the life of her dear mother.

They were married 59 years and that is no small feat in any day or age, God bless them both, the kept their vows and they kept the faith!

59 years, They remained devoted and loyal to one other in sickness and health until death they did part.



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