A Day of Sadness

death of a loved one 3-11-2013

Today has not been an easy one, my dear Roxie’s grand mother is near death and I found out today that my former mother in law passed away recently.  I have only met Roxie’s grandmother 2 times but she can get to your heart in a flash.

We are told that she does not have long left in this life and Roxie has left to be with her family, I will fly up as soon as I can of course but my heart is heavy as I had grown very fond of that wonderful woman.  The sadness in Roxanna’s heart hurts me as well and there is little if anything I can do to ease her pain. That is the toughest part of all not being able to fully console Roxie, not being able to take her pain unto myself but I do all that I can for her and her family.

My former mother law was a fine woman and I was shocked to hear of her passing today. I have not been married to her daughter for many years but that does not mean I do not feel sadness at her passing. I pray her husband is able to handle the loss as they were married for many years nearing 50 if my memory serves me correctly. Surely he must feel alone even in a room full of friends and loved ones. My former wife must be distraught as well and despite the time it has been since we last spoke I pray she can find solace in her faith and the love of her family and husband.

Death will come for us all on this earth, but today is truly a day of sadness for me. Roxie and I will miss her at our wedding but most of all we will miss her influence on our lives and her loving disposition!

I pray my former father in law can properly deal with his loss, I am sure he feels very much alone and that saddens me.

God love them all!


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