Valentines Day Part Deux

valentines part 2 1-18-2013


This past February 14th I had the pleasure of escorting my dear  little princess Jennifer to a sweetheart banquet, that night was amazing in every respect. Tonight however was my valentines date with Roxie, this is our second as a couple and that did not go unnoticed by either of us.

I had made reservations several weeks ago for the 2 of us to share a lovely evening at one of the finer hotels in the area, I did however have to adjust our plans a little since Jennifer had asked Roxanna so sweetly if I could be her date for valentines this year.

The Hotel staff could not have been more accommodating, the reservation was suitably adjusted as needed and they even upgraded us to one of their honeymoon suites. Roxie and I spent last night together at my home and just lounged about for most of the day. The weather is cold now so we spent the day snuggled together by the wood burning fireplace, sipping hot coco and just being a bit lazy. There were a couple of surprises, I gave her the flowers I had purchased for her as well as the hand-made card I had crafted a couple of weeks ago.

Roxie had a lovely card for me as well and something special, locally grown strawberry’s dipped in mouth-watering chocolate, seems we had the same Idea as I had bought some of those myself to share with her later on Sunday.

We left for the hotel about noon on Sunday, once settled into our room the hotel sent up a complimentary bottle of Champagne along with assorted cheeses, breads and crackers. The tub in the room is huge and we spent much of the afternoon just relaxing in the warm water enjoying the food and wine and each other. Yes this is indeed the good life for both of us!

As much as we did not wish to leave the tub, both of us wanted to go out and dine and dance, the local city orchestra was playing a few blocks away and there was dancing as well. We dressed  and were soon off to enjoy the evening of beautiful music and food and one another.

This is our first Valentines together since we have become engaged and it is indeed something special, as we danced I reached into my pocket for the necklace I had bought her. I am sure it will sound sappy the necklace is of two hearts intertwined together.

The dance floor was a bit dark but she smiled when she saw it as I placed it around her neck and she kissed me. A soft lingering kiss between a man and a woman who love one another.

Our relationship has grown from those original three dances brought about by a mutual physical attraction to that of mutual respect, admiration,devotion and love. The physical attraction has grown much deeper as our friendship and love for one another has blossomed.

The rest of our short holiday was spent in the loving arms of one another, enjoying the moment. These moments are always to short and leave us wanting for more. She still continues to steal the covers and I have lost yet another button down shirt. They are much easier to find these days though as I only need to look on the other side of the closet.

She will always be my valentine!


2 Responses to Valentines Day Part Deux

  1. Many more magical nights to come as husband and wife! How wonderful it is to find your other half and how fun it is to do those sort of things with them. Life is GOOD!

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