One Magical Night

Deere-Wiman-House 2-14-2013


I must confess I got nervous about last night’s activities for Valentine’s Day; last night was my first father and daughter sweetheart dance. I wanted everything to be perfect. So I fussed with every detail until it was just right.

Jennifer has no father and I have no children so this was uncharted waters for the both of us but she has been ever more excited as yesterday approached. When her mom picker her up from school Jennifer needed no coaxing she was out of class in a flash calling to her mom to hurry up as she needed to get ready for her date as  the story was later related to me.

I on the other hand was at home getting ready and trying not to wrinkle my clothing as I waited for our time to leave.

The sweetheart banquet was held in a beautiful home-built by Charles Deer the son of John Deer in 1872 “The Deer- Wiman home“. This home is now managed by a trust and is open to the public for tours and special events.

As we entered the home Jennifer noted how beautiful it was, she may be only 5 years old but the beauty of the home was not lost on her or me for that matter. The level of craftsmanship in this home is just not something we see today.

Once our coats were checked we were escorted to the dining room to our reserved seats. The smile this little lady had on her face was heartwarming to say the least. Once we were seated our meal was presented and we enjoyed a lovely 4 course dinner. The entire room was filled with Fathers and daughters and the mood was very festive. We soon made new friends of our table companions and spent the entire evening getting acquainted and making new friends. .

Once our meal was complete we were escorted to the carriage house for photographs and dancing. The carriage house had long ago been converted for functions such as ours on the inside but there is no doubt about the original use of this building.

Once inside the carriage house there was a photographer and we of course had our pictures taken, I could not have been more proud of Jennifer, she was glowing with excitement and happiness. She truly had an evening that she will never forget at this point and we had not even danced yet.

While the photographs were being taken the children played with one another, each little lady quickly becoming friends with the next. The entire event proved that even complete strangers can become friends in short order.

The best part of the night for me was the dancing, every little lady there had a look of adoration and love on their faces; each father a look of pride, love and adoration as well. Jennifer placed her little feet atop mine and we began our first dance, she beamed with happiness and I was nearly brought to tears more than once. Her sweet little hands in mine as we kept in time with the music as best we could, truly a magical experience.

At the end of the first dance she looked up at me and motioned for me to bend down, when I did she gave me the sweetest kiss ever and told me she loved me, and that I would always be her Danny. Yeah I choked up!

A wonderfully magical night to say the least but it did end all too soon, Jennifer is only 5 and when it got a bit later I could see she was getting more than a bit tired  from being awake so long and the excitement of the entire day had finally begun to have an effect on her.

I asked for one more dance and she happily agreed, once our final dance was over I took her home with one last stop along the way, we stopped for a milkshake to finish off our evening, we shared a chocolate shake with 2 straws. It was the best milkshake ever!

Fathers, I promise you will never regret taking your best little lady to a Sweetheart Banquet. My mind is still filled with the joy and pride I experienced last night, I look forward to next year even more!

The best valentine day ever for me and I believe for little Jenn as well. One night for the ages!





2 Responses to One Magical Night

  1. Such a lucky girl to have a stand in dad like you. You are a pro and the end of the date was the best! You are a good man!

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