The Best Valentines Day Ever

father daughter dance 2-13-2013

Tomorrow is of course Valentines day and this year I have been blessed with not one but 2 valentine dates. A few days ago my dear little friend asked me if I would take her to a Father and Daughter Valentines dance, the answer was easy to make. “Yes” You see I am in my late 40’s and I had all but given up  on having such an honor as my little girl died 4 days after birth. This is indeed a special day for me, When Jennifer asked me she made it clear that she had already spoken to Roxie and it was ok.

The dance is sure to be a moment neither of us will forget, there is a 4 course dinner, live music and of course dancing. This valentines day is sure to be one of many memories, you see my little princess Jennifer  does not have a biological father and I do not have a biological daughter but she and I could not be closer.

This little lady has my heart and I have hers, she often proudly says I am her Danny but she will share me with Roxie, now how awesome is that! This is not to be some run of the mill dance, I already have the Tuxedo and Jennifer has an amazing dress, we will be dressed to the “nines” and I am sure she will look amazingly beautiful!

I have been truly blessed and I shall never take these blessings for granted, tomorrow evening is surely to be amazing and our first dance is going to be a lifelong memory!


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