New Years Kisses in Times Square


times square kiss 1-1-2013

The entire trip has been a thrill, seeing friends for the first time in many years, amazing food and making memories to last a life time.

The flight into New York was un-eventful, our friends met us at the airport and we were soon in Manhattan enjoying their wonderful hospitality. We sat and talked and of course my friends told embarrassing stories from my child hood.

There was the story about my dog and the dog catcher and how I had managed to hide my pooch in my jacket or so I thought. I was un aware his tail was easily seen outside my coat wagging as I did the best I could to convince him I had not seen such an animal lol, he had no license and thus could have been picked up by the dog catcher as they were called back in my youth, he simply smiled and went his way.

There was also the story of the finger prints in the cake, oh how I truly loved Mrs. Poindexters cakes and I went by one day to visit as I often did, she was a very sweet woman who would read to me, teach me about the world and life. She would often tell me of her travels around the world and I can still recall her sweet nature and kindness to me as a young man.  Anyway back to the fingerprints in the cake, as I have already written I had stopped by to see her and the door was cracked open but no one answered, well I went inside anyway. I was only 5 or 6 at the time and they were our next door neighbors so it was a common thing in those days long ago. I called to her several times as I walked around inside when I saw it, rather I smelled it first.

It was one of the most amazing cakes I had ever seen, 4 layers tall, freshly baked and on the table to cool I suppose. I could smell the lemon icing; oh I have a weakness to this day for lemon cakes. I thought hey there is a little icing on the plate I can taste that and not bother the cake.

Yeah you guessed it, I smudged the cakes frosting, I thought I had managed to cover up this little sin with some handy-dandy movement of  icing from one spot to another, I simply forgot about the finger prints I left behind, it was clear they had come from little fingers. Yeah I was busted, she asked me about it later and I fessed up, thinking I was in trouble she just started laughing and handed me a piece that she had brought over for me.

She wanted me to know that no one had noticed my handy work or my finger prints as she had made sure to cut the cake just so to hide my visit. I had not thought of those days in a very long time and her son Frank the host of this visit, he and I shared a tear as we recalled his dear, dear sweet mom and how she had been a mother to all, including a little boy who lived next door to her, the one who routinely visited for story time and cakes, cookies and the best peanut butter fudge in the world.

The reminiscing was soon over as it was time for a nice dinner before the evenings celebrations began at times square, once in town we walked along in the cold enjoying the sites and sounds of the city. The diner was at a little hole in the wall Italian place, scarcely more than 10 tables in size. That’s the best place to eat normally and I was not disappointed.

We left with our appetites sated and eating the best crème filled pastries I have tasted in a long time, I even managed to smear a bit on Roxie’s cheek, feigning an excuse to kiss her.

The crowds of people at and near Times Square for New years is maddening, the party starts long before you even get to the famed location. As we talked and sang, laughed, snuggled and kissed, the time finally came and Roxie and I enjoyed a wonderful and loving kiss on our 2 New Years Eve together and this one was in Times Square, yes indeed life is good!

The entire visit was in a word refreshing, friendships from long ago rekindled, new friends made along with plans to return if at all possible in the summer for a visit, there is much to see in New York and the other boroughs and she and I both desire to travel as much as possible.

A champagne kiss on New Year’s Eve with the love of a life time and in Times Square no less, how cool is that!


4 Responses to New Years Kisses in Times Square

  1. I doubt you ever needed an excuse to kiss our dear Roxie, but I am sure she loves that you still flirt with her, even after she said YES! 🙂

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