Birthdays, Tears and a Bear

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

Today we went back to this store to do just as the name implies, to build a bear. At first Jennifer was a bit shy but it did not take long for the store bear doctors to get her into the spirit, Jennifer quickly found the bear she wanted. The bear is as you can imagine a pink one and of course she is a lady bear at that. Jenn was all smiles as the store doctor talked to her and explained what they were doing, they even had Jenn help fill her new friend with the cotton stuffing.

Once the bear was filled just the way she wanted it, ( medium cuddly), there was the starting of her new friends heart  by rubbing it in her hands. She was asked to rub the heart on her cheek to always be cuddly, then touched it to her hair so her fur would always shine, then touch it to her head so she would be smart, then to her elbow so she would always be funny, then to Jennifer’s own heart so she would know she was always loved. This was actually the best part  to be honest, it is clear the bear doctors take pride in their work. Then it was off for a quick air bath and fluff, Jennifer was all smiles and talking a mile a minute, this little lady is a happy little 5-year-old and then some. She held her new friend close and talked to her and they bonded from the start.

Now you know that there is no way this new friend is leaving the store naked and it just so happens there is a clothing section at the next station, Jennifer quickly picked out a Hello Kitty outfit, along with ear bows and matching shoes. Of course this bear has shoes, what self respecting lady bear would be caught out in public without proper shoes. Then there was the Birth Certificate station and when asked for the Bears name Jenn quickly said Cuddles. It was clear to me that Jennifer had given this a good deal of thought to have been so ready with the name.

The Certificate was quickly printed and pictures taken of course of the new mom and bear, they are surely a sweet pair to behold and I admit I truly enjoyed the experience. There is just something so sweet and tender about the entire process and experience. As I paid for the purchase I looked down as Jennifer and she was holding her bear close to her heart and there were tears in her eyes, she said Cuddles I love you and we will be friends forever. Ok I admit that got me and I teared up a bit as well, I may be an ole soldier but I have a tender spot as well.

Where Best Friends Are Made

Where Best Friends Are Made

Once we were clear of the store we walked through the mall and just chatted a bit, I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said that she and Cuddles wanted Mexican, well then I exclaimed Mexican it shall be. There is a nice little hole in the wall place not to far from the mall and that is where I took Jennifer AND  Cuddles.

Lunch was soon over and we both were stuffed and sadly it was time for Jennifer to return home. I have come to love this little lady since we met a few months back and she loves me as well, she often refers to me as her Danny.  I am not her father but could not lover her more if I were. I am often the one she calls when she feels bad, skins a knee or has wonderful news. It was I who she invited to her Birthday party the previous day, it was I who had the honor of mushing her face in the cake, this is is a family tradition of hers. I nearly fell on the floor laughing when she turned to me after I mushed her face in the cake and the icing had transferred onto her noggin and her head now said Jennifer in Purple icing.

The entire experience has been amazing and Roxie and I have had a blast with Jennifer and her family. There was a moment last night when Roxie noticed I was off in thought somewhere and she held my arm and whispered in my ear, we will have one of our own soon and then kissed me.

Yes, Roxie and I have often spoke of children and it will not be long before we have Lord willing  at least 1 of our own. I love being a father figure to Jennifer, it is not easy, I am not always the good guy, I sometimes have to be the dad, the one who says no or explains to her what she has done wrong. I would not trade one minute of it for all the gold in Fort Knox. I can now understand what is meant when a parent says that loving a child is the most rewarding experience of their lives. I get that now!

“Thank you Jennifer for a lovely Birthday date, you’re the most amazing little girl in the world. I have been taught so much by you , I am forever in your debt.”

Love You, Danny


4 Responses to Birthdays, Tears and a Bear

  1. That store does such special things for kids. When I was a nanny I went there with my little girl and we LOVED it. I love your relationship with your little Jennifer. she is a DOLL!

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