The Start of a New Year and a New Life

The Start of a New Year and a New Life

new year 2013 12-31-2012

Roxie and I have arrived in New York, the weather is very cold but we would have it no other way, we so wanted to spend a new years eve in Times Square.

Roxie and I are staying with some of my child hood friends who live in Manhattan and the view from their balcony is amazing.

We will be heading into the city soon but I wanted to pen just a few of my thoughts before we left.

This New Year is filled with hope and promise of a new life for me and Roxie. The year starts with making memories to last a life time. There will be dancing and merry-making thru out the night, I will hold her close and kiss her lovingly as the New Year rings in.

This is the start of a new year and a new life for both she and I, I pray each and every one of you can experience the love and affection we share with one another.

Happy New Year:

Danny and Roxanna


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