Christmas Everyday

christmas everyday 12-27-2012

Christmas everyday, that is how my life feels the last few weeks. I know it sounds corny, I really do not care. The past 18 months have been a mixed bag of emotions, everything from pure joy, heart-break at the death of friends, disgust and total disdain of the actions of a former love and victory and elation.

We all have our ups and downs in life and I am no different, how we handle those hills and valleys helps us to mitigate the lows and amplify the highs. I have finally mitigated a certain nagging low point in my life, now that I have finally removed that negative from my life I am able to fully enjoy the blessings, the last few weeks have been as though I have experienced Christmas everyday.

As I awoke this morning in the arms of my dear Roxie, our legs intertwined and her head on my chest, the day was getting off to a wonderful start.  Today was also the day Roxie and I got to spend time with my little princess Jennifer.

Roxie and I so love that little lady, we spent several hours with her doing a little of this and that, there was a snowball fight, building a snowman (small one) well he was pretty tall until I was summarily pushed into him by a certain princess and raven haired woman. We had a nice lunch and the ladies did girly things with their fingers, toes and hair at the salon.

It was nice to just sit and listen to them talk and see them both enjoy their time together, today is a great day!

The weather is cold but the bike paths are finally clear and the three of us took a short ride to a local spot to see the remaining wildlife, not all Geese fly south for the winter and we fed them bread and just enjoyed our time outside and the beauty of nature.

The day has been wonderful in every way, Roxie and I took Jennifer home with us and we had a great cup of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches by the fireplace, how could the day have been any better. The time for Jennifer to go back home came all to soon and I admit to having a lump in my throat as she and her mother drove away. My dear Roxie knows me all to well and whispered in my ear that it would not be long before we have one of our very own, yes it is Christmas every day!


2 Responses to Christmas Everyday

  1. You got some outgoing girls! They will keep you young 🙂

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