Life is Good

life is good 12-9-2012

How can mankind seemingly year after year find a way to have peace during Christmas but spend the rest of the year trying to kill one another.

I truly do not have the answer to the question above, I truly wish I did. There just needs to be some way to end the madness in the world, I just have no clue as to how to stop those that choose to not get along with their fellow-man.

On a much brighter note, there are just a few more days until I ask Roxie to become my wife. I admit I am getting more and more excited as that wonderful day approaches,  the packages have been wrapped as Roxie and I get ready to take our Christmas trip. This is going to be the best surprise ever and I have planned a few awesome ones in my time.

Our little friend Jennifer is doing well, both she and I have enjoyed excellent health as of late, no more kidney stones for me and no asthma issues for her.  Actually I have been blessed with ever improving health, once again my medication has been reduced as my type 2 diabetes has become more under control. Roxie so far has not had a bad cold  and we are both thankful for that, no more Snuffaluffagus for her thank goodness.

All things considered, life is going very well and I am indeed blessed and I truly am grateful. I do have one question that has perplexed not only me but many others I am sure, what the heck is up with this Gangnam Style craze,  biggest thing on YouTube and I for one do not see the reason for the popularity.

Life is good even if I do not get Gangnam style, Yes Life is Good.


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