Crowded Homes and Happiness

Comfort comes in many forms, during this holiday of Thanksgiving it comes in the form of family, fellowship and food. This year I have been blessed with an abundance of all and Roxie and I have shared it together, what more could I have ever asked for.

This year I even made the cornbread  stuffing and I am happy to report no one got sick “BONUS”. I followed a family recipe and even added a bit of my own personal touches to it and it was delicious, both pans were eaten and yes I was a bit proud of myself. For me it was very enjoyable to make the dish while Roxie and I bantered away, come to think of it the banter was the best part of then entire preparation.

There was much love in the air as there always is with family, the laughter flowed easily, the home was crowded just the way you want it to be during the holidays. The fireplace was lit and everyone enjoyed the aroma and warmth it provided.  After we had eaten our fill, the entire family lounged, talked and snoozed. Roxie lay with her head in my lap as we sat cuddled up near the fireplace. The world could not have been any better at that moment, a warm hearth, loving friends and family and the added blessing of a full tummy; yes those days are few and far between but that is what makes them all the more special.

This season of Thanksgiving I have been richly blessed and in about 30 days from now I will have yet another part of my life that will become complete, the final part of the surprise was put into place and I can not wait to hear her say yes!


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