Love me some Holidays

Not much time to chat, cooking, packing and shopping like fiends. Thanksgiving is around the next bend and Roxie and I have a road trip, She and I travel well together and this will be our first road trip together in a while. I am looking forward to this holiday season.

It will not be long now before I pop the question and I am just about to pop with anticipation.  I spoke with one of her brothers a few days ago and he assures me the plans for the big surprise are falling into place nicely, I sure hope so because my nerves are about shot!

Roxie and I have been shopping a bit early for Christmas and just about have everything purchased and a great deal of that is already wrapped. Little does she know that I wrapped the engagement ring while she was wrapping a  android tablet for one of her nephews. I am so slick she never had a clue.

This holiday season  already has that wonderful glow about it for me, I am just happy and that in its self is a huge understatement. The look on her face as she and I have been shopping together or gathered little gifts to put in stockings was just of pure joy. We had a very long discussion in the middle of the store aisle about the best type,cut etc of ham to bring to the family this Thanksgiving. I kid you not it was as though we were the only two people in the store even though the store was packed to the rafters with people doing the same thing as we were.

Please, please everyone be safe and enjoy this wonderful time of year

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from ,

Danny and Roxie




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