The Things Men do For Love


Many a song has been written about the lengths men will travel to please the woman in their life, last night was no exception for me. What was started out as date night with dinner and the movie Lincoln quickly morphed into dinner and that Breaking Dawn part 29 vampire movie.

I admit to being disappointed when we arrived to find the intended movie sold out (my fault) I should have bought tickets earlier in the day when the idea crossed my mind, none the less it was either wait 2 hours or seek an alternative, when Roxie saw the marque with the twilight movie and it was not sold out, I got those sweet I can not resist eyes of hers and I knew I was done then and there.

Oddly even though I have not seen much of the first 2 and did not have much hope that I would enjoy the film, the love story was evident quickly and despite the genre of it being a vamp flick; I did enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Besides in the end seeing the movie made Roxie happy and I got another of her awesome kisses and hugs and a reminder that to her I am the most awesome boyfriend in the world, yes that is how I roll! (lol) If the holidays and our busy schedule allow we will see the movie Lincoln soon. Besides I got a big one in the boyfriend bank, all in all our date night went great and so long as she is happy I can deal with a chick flick from time to time, I do not really have the right to ask her to watch one of my bang em up style movies if I won’t watch one of her choices. it’s all about compromise really and in all candor I had a great evening as always with Roxie


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