Truly Thankful

In the last year or so; I have come to read many blogs on WordPress and other sites, this month many bloggers have chosen the topic of thankfulness for their posts. It occurs to me that during this year I have much to be thankful for as well.

This is not something new, there is always something in our lives to be grateful for, be it the beauty of nature, the love of friends and family or that special someone. This year I seem to have experienced more than normal and it has been a wild ride let me tell you.

Being thankful should not be relegated just to the month of November it should be part of our daily lives, I have fallen short in that area at times but I strive to be better each day. In this month of November let us not forget!

I am thankful for my freedom, many have sacrificed and died for the freedom we all enjoy, let us never forget the sacrifices our nations defenders of freedom have made.

I am thankful for the love and kindness of my family and friends and let me tell you they have been sorely tested in the last 12 months, I love them all!

I am thankful my health has been fully returned, I would not wish a kidney stone upon anyone, that shit is no joke!

I am thankful that my Lord has saw fit to bring me a mate, she is faithful, true, beautiful, funny, intelligent and she truly loves the Lord with all her heart.

I am thankful for my career and that I am employed, many are not in this day and age and it was not to long ago I was one of those unfortunate ones but that is now behind me and I pray forever!

I am thankful oddly enough even for the strife I have endured over the last year, I have come to learn more about myself and others, I am a wiser person as a result of those experiences

I am thankful for the love I can once again freely share, I am happiest when I am able to give of myself freely.

I am thankful that I have stood resolute even in the tough times.

I am most thankful for my Lord and Savior, without his grace I would more than likely have died long ago in some far off distant land.


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