Guys, Friends and Goodbye

The Holiday season is approaching fast and this year there will be one less friend to celebrate it with, my friend J. has taken another position with the company and is moving. He  along with some other friends went to dinner last night, for one last visit before he moves this Friday.

I have not known him for very long but he is a good guy and I am proud to call him friend, it was he who actually gave me Cisco. We had a guy night at a local steak house last night, just a group of guys who are friends and happen to work together.

The jokes were in full motion long before the food arrived, it was nice to see and enjoy the laughter of the evening. My friend J. and the rest of us talked a bit about everything, needless to say he took the brunt of the humor in stride, he was not roasted per say but we did let him know in our own way that we will miss him and that his work has been truly appreciated.

It is not often that guys make true friends at work, normally it seems there is a separation between work and home so to speak. I will miss my friend J. he is one of the good guys, I know he wishes to live closer to home and family but I wish he did not have to move but understand why he is doing so, Happy Holidays J. have a safe trip and do not be a stranger!


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