Great Weather Saves a Friend


Wow what a busy weekend, the weather was great Saturday and Roxie and I went bike riding, we had been out for about 3 hours when my cell phone rang. The call was from work and my manager was asking me if I could do him a favor, seems my former roommate did not report for work.

My pal is not the type to be late much less miss work, when my manager asked if I could stop by the apartment and check on him my answer was a no brainer. We raced back to my truck as quickly as we could and I made a couple of calls to see if my friend was ok but received no answer.  Once at the truck and with the bikes loaded we were off in a flash, the closer we got to the apartment the more worried I became. Sensing my worry Roxie held my hand and re-assured me all would be fine.

The fact I did not get a ticket is a huge bit of luck, I was not following the speed limit at all. We knocked on the door and no one answered, I had seen his vehicle in the parking lot so  I knew he was home so I used my key and let myself in.

His pets met us at the door and place was dark and seemed empty, no music or tv which is odd because one or the other was always on when I lived there. I stepped towards the bedroom calling his name and again no answer, I knocked on his bedroom door and let myself in preparing myself for the worst.

There was my friend lying prone on the bed looking pale, I heard Roxie behind me and she checked his pulse at his ankle and said it he was alive. Relieved I gently shook him several times and when his eyes did finally open it was clear he was in distress.

Roxie and I raced him to the emergency room which was only a block away, he was weak and had a hard time communicating but the emergency room staff had him in a room immediately, Roxie and I waited for what seemed to be forever and she finally said she was going to check on him, she is a doctor so she can go places in a hospital I can not.

She returned quickly and I joined her at my friends side, his heart is fine and he had not suffered a stroke but his blood pressure was very high and he has developed some problems as a result of it. The staff had him stable pretty quickly, Roxie and I stayed with him for most of the night, I am happy to say he is doing much better.

I hate to think what could have happened had we not been available to go to his aid, had the weather not been so nice we would have gone to a movie and thus our phones would have been turned off.  Thank goodness for a rare warm day and our love of the outdoors.

My former roommate and I have become very good friends and I am once again reminded just how fragile our health can be, Thank the good Lord for a situation that worked out as well as it did!



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