Cisco’s First Night

My Pal Cisco!

It does not matter how big or brave you are, that first night away from home is always the most difficult. My pal Cisco is no different, although he is fitting in well-being away from his comfortable and known surroundings was a bit tough on him. He truly wanted to sleep with Roxie and I and in fact snuck in the bedroom more than once and got on the bed during the night. I finally put him to bed in his crate and though he whined a bit he soon was asleep.

I took him for a walk around my neighborhood just before dark, as we came upon the local park Cisco heard kids playing and wanted to check them out, this big man loves him some people and kids are the best as far as he is concerned, everyone at the park came to see my pal and they soon had him laying on the ground for lots of belly rubs and more attention than one would think possible but Cisco loved every second of it! So the neighbors soon realized what I have known for some time, Cisco is a big buddy who loves everyone. Welcome to the neighborhood Cisco!

The meeting of Cisco with my other 2 dogs went better than I had initially thought it would, my Chui friend Ozzie quickly laid out the ground rules about who was boss and Cisco let him think it was Ozzie lol. Toby was a bit unsure at first, heck who can blame him Cisco is over 100 pounds and stands as tall as the kitchen counter tops but they worked it out soon enough. Everyone played a bit even if it was cautiously at first. In the end no one got hurt and there was no fighting, that is a win for all of us in my book.

Cisco is just a big buddy, he does not know his own strength or size, to see the way he acts he clearly thinks he is a lap dog and that is just fine with all of us, welcome to the family Cisco!




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