Hamming it up for the Camera


Some days life takes those turns you never knew were even a possibility, this past week mine has taken such a turn. This week I got a new friend, I suppose I should not say new friend as we have known each other for some time. I suppose it is more accurate to say I have a new friend living with me.

My friend you see is of the canine persuasion, he is a Doberman to be exact. His owner has been transferred and he can not take him with him and as a result my pal and I will now be together. I work in the IT field and the name given to my Dobermann buddy is Cisco, if you know my field then you get the humor in his name. Perhaps I should also get a mini Doberman and name her Juniper, again another geek joke but wouldn’t the pics be awesome!

I pick him up Wednesday and I am very excited, I have always had a love for all animals, well ok not snakes but you get the idea. The first time I met Cisco many months ago I knew he and I would be pals the instant I saw him, he is such an amazing dog.

He has that regal look about him but let there be no doubt he is a buddy, loves to play, loves affection and is amazingly smart. As with all Dobermann he has a great deal of energy, I suspect he and I will go on many walks together in which I ride my bike and he runs along with me weather and my schedule permitting. For those days when we can not go outside my pal already has his exercise needs worked out you see my pal Cisco loves to trot on the treadmill.

Life can throw us many curves sometimes we give life a swing and a miss and other times we hit that amazing home run, I hit a home this time. The fact that Roxie and my pals Ozzie and Toby know him and love him already is pure sweet icing on the cake.

I will post pics of my newest pal as soon as I can get him home and settled, such a wonderful gift from my coworker  and I am happy he knows and trusts me with his most special of friends. I know they will miss one another but Cisco is in good hands and will be care and loved till the end of his days and since he is not yet 2 years old, he and I will have many years together!


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