Blessed Indeed

Mother nature gave us a sweet gift yesterday, just a little bit warmer weather than you would normally expect this time of year, The sun was shining and there was just the right amount of coolness in the air. Roxie and I were outside in a flash, the picnic basket filled to the rim, the bicycles mounted on the carrier and we were off like a prom dress.

The first stop was not too far from home, the bike path that runs along the local waterway to unload the bikes. Roxie and I have truly enjoyed bike riding even if we did get started late in the summer. My truck parked in a suitable location and we were off. Each of us dressed in something warm but not so much as to get hot or sweaty. The water fowl in the area are starting to migrate away, the squirrel population appears to be  in a great position to audition for a Jenny Craig infomercial, these little guys are fat, fat, fat. Yep winter is not too far away and they know it so they are eating like little fiends in preparation for the cold weather and lack of food they will soon have to endure.

She and I rode the path enjoying the day, the warmth of the autumn sun and of course the time spent with one another, we stopped to chat with other bike riders who were also out enjoying the beautiful day as well. We traveled some 10 miles or so along the path until we came to the local botanical garden, even at this time of year there is still an amazing amount of flora to experience and not to mention the perfect place for our picnic lunch.

The grounds are wonderfully kept and there many places that beg the visitor just sit and enjoy the views mother nature has to offer, once settled in our choice of location we began that loving banter she and I share. Roxie began to tease me about forgetting some of our picnic items all in good fun of course but I had the last laugh, I had not forgotten those missing items rather there was only so much room in our picnic basket to hold them I reminded her.  The long pants I was wearing were a pair of the cargo style, I had used them when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan and those pockets are sure handy, it was not long before I had produced the missing items and we quickly set about snuggled up and began to enjoy our meal.

There was some comment about my resembling a Kangaroo with so many of said pockets and she did pay for that comment as well as others, I tickled her till she could stand no more and pleaded with me to stop and admitted I am “the picnic master” yeah I know we were being goofy but who cares, we love one another and are the others best friend. Besides in the end she was right where I wanted her, she was laying across my lap in that most perfect kissing position.

We enjoyed our meal and conversation for as long as the sun was out, surrounded by mother nature in a little secluded spot all to our own. As the sunshine began to wane even the blanket we had brought with us was not enough to ward off the chill in the air so it was time to go, once packed we returned to the bile path to finish the loop it is about 30 miles in all for the leg we chose. The bounty of mother nature in this place are amazing, the area is still alive with color and the aroma of fresh air on an amazing autumn day.

We raced along the bike path chasing one another, she looked so beautiful in her outfit as always she is dressed just so. Her bicycle now fitted with a new wicker picnic basket in the front and the bell I purchased for her, the smile she had on her face the entire day was simply intoxicating.

These types of days are sure to be in short supply as winter is fast approaching but that is ok, as that means there will soon be festivals and such to experience, cold nights to snuggle and soon our new lives together because Christmas is so close. I was so taken with by the events of the day I nearly blurted out the question, but I managed to compose myself and will wait till she and I are with her family at Christmas. The ring has been purchased and I have hidden it well.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank the good Lord above for her, I know the blessing she is in my life. I have known those that lie, cheat, steal or were unfaithful to me in my past, Roxie shows me everyday that her friendship is true, her love for me resolute and her honor and integrity are above reproach, blessed indeed I am, blessed indeed.



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