Birthday Memories

Happy Birthday Roxie

Today is Roxie’s birthday , her 37th to be exact. I have had such a great time the last few days planning her surprises and such and she is a hard  one to keep a secret from there is no doubt about it. I however managed to pull it off in style, I so love giving surprises to the ones I love.

We started the night with a lovely dinner as we listened to some amazing live Jazz. Then it was off to dance, there we met a couple of friends and we shared a great evening of dancing, laughter a bit of wine.  once we got back home for the evening I gave her the presents I had purchased for her. This woman loves music and more than once I have watched her fidget with her music player as she walked or worked out, to that end I purchased for her an I POD Shuffle. along with some I TUNES Store credits.

Oddly she got just as excited about the NFL Team hoodie I got her, man these things are super comfy and oh so soft. I had flowers already sent to the house and had a friend pick them up so she would not see them until we returned home, I had my pal bring them over even though the hour was very late and when she answered the knock at  the door I saw tears in her eyes the instant she saw the flowers, She said she thought I had forgotten as she kissed and hugged me.

Needless to say we enjoyed a wonderful rest of the evening alone in bed snuggling and sharing dreams and memories.  Roxie is such an amazing person, companion and lover. She is such a blessing in my life and I will never forget the love and kindness she has shown me, her compassion, grace are without equal.

I do so love this woman!



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