Roxanna is My Heart

Those quiet moments, hearts beating, anticipation growing, passion on the lips. A breath blown gently across the skin, In a moment’s time every nerve seemingly to explode.

In her arms skin upon skin, temptation fulfilled with every kiss and caress. Those quiet moments broken with the sounds of passion.

The taste of her lips upon mine, the caress of her hand across my chest, the smell of her hair and perfume. The look of desire in her eyes, I know her heart, her desire and they are both for me.

awakened with a kiss, her hands roaming freely, hair spilled across my chest. In her eyes I see passion and desire as she looks down upon me. I willingly accept my fate, I am hers as she takes me for her own

A warm embrace her arms around my neck holding dearly, that expression of true affection something I hold dear.

Kindness in her words and deeds there is no reason to doubt, her heart is soft and open for all to see.

Those day and nights we spend apart both knowing it should not be forever, both have learned that love and friendship should be savored and never rushed.

Alone or together we are a pair matched as one, each thinking of what is best for the other and as a result for us both.

Happiness does not just happen, it is the result of work, commitment and desire. I desire to hold her close and never let her know a day when she may feel alone.

My commitment to her resolute never to be questioned or doubted, I am willing to work as long and hard as required. This my pledge for all to know and see

I can make no promises of the future save I am yours if you will have me.

I will not forsake you for another. I have opened my tender heart for you on a silver platter.

I accept you as you are, the Lords weaker vessel and understand and accept the responsiblity that title includes. I will hold you above all others, not one can take your place.

I pray I can be strong enough to guide you when your ready, to be quiet when you need to speak, to know when you’re not looking for my answers but only a friendly and loving ear.

I am a fallible man never free of fault, If I falter have faith and show me tenderness and compassion.The love that grows from such actions is pure and resolute.

I am the champion of all your causes I am also your protector from life’s dangers, please do not abuse or take advantage of my station.

I want only what is best for you, myself I place behind your needs and desires.I will gladly feel the pains of hunger so that you never do. I will deny my thirst in order to quench yours.

I am yours but for the asking, I am your warmth when your body is cold, your friend and companion always.

I am vulnerable as I make this solemn vow to you, please do not take me for granted or forsake me. I have trust and faith you will always want me at your side


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