I Surrender



I Surrender

Emotions churning at my core, complete trust in her devotion. Each day an adventure in love and self understanding.

The drama of life stands still once I surrender to her embrace, her love and passion overflowing I surrender and trust even if afraid.

Tangled hair, body heat and sweat, knowing smiles and sighs, bodies glisten together as we explore the wonder of one another. Lustful moans upon release, panting breaths, bodies intermingled with sweat

The future bright and happily sought no more darkness from the past. Those memories that haunted love are no more, the future whatever we choose it to be.

The unknown now considered a thrill as no fear with her I know. We bask in the glow of mutual harmony, common goals, dreams and desires. Each day we grow closer still, each moment together treasured.

There is no I, only we; individuals together as one and alone no more. I ache to hold her when we part; I relish her scent, the texture of her hair, the glow of her skin, the tickle in her laughter. I often watch her in silent wonder as she sleeps or goes about her day, I relish her movements, her expressions, yes I surrender but only to her, to her I surrender all.



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