Emotions and Memories

Have you ever felt complete joy simply being in the company of another, I have that emotion every time Roxie and I are together.

It matters not what we do, where we are nor who we are with, I know I am blessed to have her in my life.

My pulse quickens for no other reason than I think of her, hear her voice or feel the warm touch of her hand in mine.

The simple things I experience with her mean more than words can ever convey, pillow talk  oh yes that is the best. Her in my arms, the warmth of her skin against mine, oh yes I cherish those moments.

We often share a meal from one plate, neither of us willing to take the last morsel from the other, I know her favorites and at times I pretend to be full so she can have them all to herself. I do so enjoy seeing her happy.

The warmth and tenderness of her embrace as she wraps her arms around my shoulders from behind, oh it is like heaven on earth. The smell of her hair and skin as I hold her close and those goose pimples she gets when I nuzzle that particular spot that joins her neck and shoulders, always bring joy to my heart.

She melts in my arms and showers me with kisses so sweet, hugs so tender and warm, it is the little things that make lasting memories.

Her love of the earth, the stars,the ocean, the look of wonderment in her eyes when she experiences nature. She has a look of pure joy and freedom about her then, I can only stand and admire her beauty and say thanks that she is mine and I am hers.

The expression  of pure happiness as she rode the bicycle I purchased for her the first time, I could envision her riding a bike as a young girl as though I had grown up with her, she was free and unencumbered as she rode and my heart was overjoyed at seeing her wonderful smile as she rode.

She will be an amazing mother to our children when it is our time, she has awakened feelings in me that I had suppressed and long ago accepted I may never experience. I long to see that wonderful glow in her that women have when they are with child, such an amazing experience that will be. I will be at her beck and call, who cares if it is 3 am, if she wants pickles and Ice cream then that is what she shall have, if I have to burn a tank of gas to procure them, she will want for nothing!

I will dig ditches or worse to provide for her, she knows this as my actions have long ago proved that my love for her is resolute and true in nature. She is my rock and my strength here on earth I truly need nothing more, everything in life after the moment I fell in love with her and she with me is a bonus, I am in deed a blessed but fallible man.

My proverbial armor a bit rusty in places, dented in others from a life not always perfect, trials and tribulations not always of my own making, she loves me for who I truly am, for how I treat her, for my honest and true devotion only unto her.

She and I take the battles and trials of each day head on and together, arm in arm we march; happily and always together, always with each other first in our hearts and first in our thoughts. My cup truly runneth over!


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