Pride and Joy

I witnessed something today so wonderful that my heart was filled with pure pride and joy, I witnessed pure unselfishness, pure honesty, and a pure desire to give of ones self for the betterment of another with nothing expected in return.

Today I was visiting a dear friend and talking with her daughter and son. They are awesome kids and their mother has raised them well and it shows. Today her son and I were talking after his little sister Jennifer went to take a nap, he asked me if I knew of any kids that were less fortunate than he was. This young man loves the Lord and does the best he can to be as good as possible., this young man fights a battle that many of us can’t even begin to understand. He suffers from (adhd, add, and the like) his normal day is very difficult for him but to see the effort he makes in the many of his daily activities that we surely take for granted is truly amazing.

He has made great progress in being able to over come these issues, his grades are honor roll level now, he controls his temper far better and he is just an amazing role model for children and adults alike. Today though he blew me away with his question, I answered that I personally did not know of any but we could ask the pastor or elders of the church as I am sure they would know, When I asked him what stirred him to ask that question he simply stated that he felt overly blessed and wanted to share.

This is going to be a wonderful conversation was my first thought, he went on to tell me that he wanted to donate his bicycle to someone who could not afford to buy one for their child this Christmas. Needless to say I was stunned but so very proud that my throat hurt from choking back the tears that welled up in my eyes. This 12-year-old is serious, so we went to the store to purchase the cleaning supplies needed to freshen up the bike, lube the chain ect. He cleaned and polished every bit of this bike to make it look as nice as possible for it’s soon to be new owner.

I asked him during our time together cleaning the bike what he was going to do for transportation, he said he had already figured that out. He stated he would do odd jobs in the neighborhood this winter for the older people in his neighborhood such as rake leaves, cut fire wood and the like and he would use that money to purchase another.

Roxie and I took our friend and her children out to dinner tonight and we made a pit stop along the way so that I could buy dog food for my pals Ozzie and Toby,  while we were there he and I checked out the new bikes they had for sale. He found an awesome one that he can just barely ride, this bike is awesome looking it has dual shocks, 18 speeds, killer blacked out paint job. This bike is one awesome machine, he tried it out a bit and decided then and there that he would work to earn this bike during this coming winter.

Roxie and I were all smiles as he rode the bike around the isles a bit and it is clear he is perfectly willing to earn the money to purchase it, but Roxie and I have been together almost a year now, we have that ability that couples develop, that knowing glance or unspoken thought, without so much as a word between us, she managed to usher our entire group to the far side of the store. In case you have not already figured this out, Roxie  and I bought this amazing young man the bicycle tonight.

This kid does not miss much so I had to be super sneaky and with the help of one of the managers of the store, we secured a new, never ridden, still in the box version of the bicycle he wants. The staff quickly got to work putting it together as I went to the lay away dept to make the purchase, we can’t very well surprise the young man on Christmas if we bring it home tonight, so it was paid for in full less 5.00, Wal-Mart holds the bike till the time is right to bring it home and he will be none the wiser.

Oh! we got him a matching helmet, gloves and that all important water bottle carrier, my little buddy is set! Despite all the hell that is in this world, despite the crap I have dealt with since last August, today I have never been more proud. I learned that wisdom, kindness, love and honesty can and often do come from the most UN-expected places.

He is not my son but I could not have been more proud if he were, I have been humbled by his generosity and genuine, sincere kindness for others, his willingness to work to achieve his goals and dreams at such a young age should be a lesson for all of us.


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