Back In The Saddle

Shortly before I was stricken with a 9 mm kidney stone, I had purchased a new bicycle. With my ankle not allowing me to jog as I once enjoyed, like so many of us I had gotten flabby around the middle. While in the middle east I was working out and dropping the weight. The ankle often will cause pain when I jog so I seldom do it the way I once did since I have returned home.

The one ride I was able to enjoy on my bike before getting ill proved a few things to me very quickly; the first being that I truly enjoy riding, the second being the stock saddle was not going to be a friend. While I recovered from the surgery  I made a purchase for my shiny new bike. I purchased a nicer saddle.  The seat I chose is from Bontrager, they make some of the finest bike parts to be found anywhere.

I also found a really good deal on Craigslist, I found a slightly used Trek 7000 bicycle for Roxie, now she and I can go riding together. Roxie’s bike came with several upgrades such as the upgraded suspension seat post, bike rack, better pedals and the like.

She and I are both looking forward to riding more together and have planned a weekend trip to do just that before the weather becomes too cold, We are going to visit a local pumpkin patch and pack a picnic to boot this weekend weather permitting.

It is surely a good thing to be back in the saddle!


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