A very Long Week

What a long week, I have been in the hospital 2 times, returned to work, sat by the bed of a sick child and recouped from my surgery. That is enough for one week for anyone if I were to be asked.

Last Friday I had surgery to remove the 9 mm hitchhiker from my kidney, I had no sooner gotten a bit comfortable at home when I was informed on Saturday that my little princess Jennifer had been admitted to the very same hospital I had just left, she was there with pneumonia. Add to that she has childhood asthma so her illness  is only complicated further by that fact.

I truly needed to rest Saturday as the surgery Friday had left me very tired and still in pain however how can you deny a child who is very ill. I went to her and stayed with her, trying to comfort her and help her through her fear of hospitals and needles. As we visited we colored in her books and I encouraged her to eat and rest. The first day she did not fall asleep until after 2 am. Her medications had kept her awake until she could stray awake no longer.

I then went home to rest for a few hours before I returned to her on Sunday. Her health and spirits had improved greatly and she ate everything on her plate. I am pleased to announce she has returned home as of this previous Monday. I on the other hand returned to work with little rest but a warm feeling in my heart knowing I had comforted a sickly child.

I love this little girl, there is nothing I would not do for her, seeing her sick brought me to tears. The doctors and staff treated her with tenderness and loving care and I will be forever grateful.




2 Responses to A very Long Week

  1. Glad the little one is safe and sound at home, where she belongs.

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