Surgery Update

The surgery time was changed at the last-minute from mid day to early morning. My day started at 6 am and I arrived at the hospital by 7 for my surgery. After yet another acre of trees were killed in the paperwork process I was admitted and given a room.

In short order I was prepped and then taken back for the procedure, Roxie had been with me through the night, last night was very difficult the pain at times reaching the same level as the first episode. I am very blessed to have such a loving and compassionate woman in my life.

As for the surgery itself I can not tell you much about it, the last memory I have just prior to the surgery was looking at the clock and getting an oxygen mask placed over my face, the next thing I know I am being asked several questions and did my best to answer them.

The doctor visited me and said all went well despite the size of the stone,  I am very grateful for his knowledge and skill and  it does not hurt that he is also southern like myself. Roxie was there at my side the moment I was awakened. I could tell she had been crying a bit as she had that tell-tale raccoon look under her eyes.

I was showered with kisses the moment I could focus my eyes on her, now that sure did aid in waking me up. One of the nurses even commented that I was getting the royal treatment from Roxie. Yes I sure was and I loved every second of it.

For the most part the pain is managed with medication but when I have to urinate the meds do not stop the intense burning due to the stint and there is still a strong pain in my left kidney but only when I urinate. I have no idea if the kidney pain is normal or not.

I was back home by 2 pm today and I could not have asked for better company or care than I have received from Roxie, If i had  been alone during the procedure or any time after today I would have been in a bad way for sure, yes I know the blessing of love and devotion I have in Roxanna.

There is still a large amount of blood when I urinate along with the pain but it should subside in short order, now it is just a matter of shaking off the so called milk of amnesia (propofol) the sedative they used to put me to sleep. Roxie is giving me the stink eye because I am not in bed as she has instructed, I better close for now; besides she is looking really sexy in that short T-shirt she is wearing, I may even get a few more kisses from her before I fall to sleep!

Thank you to all of those  who have written in, called and came by to see me today. The prayers, well wishes and food are greatly appreciated from all of  you!


2 Responses to Surgery Update

  1. singlewhitefemaledating says:

    Oooooooooo lucky you have someone to keep you in check… you need bed rest!! Get well 😀

    • I managed to rest Friday, but not too much since then. my dear little friend Jennifer was admitted to the very same hospital I was in, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she is also an asthmatic. That sweet little lamb called me and asked me to come see her, how could I say no.

      I have a post to write about it in detail later, tonight I am fat as a tick, today is my birthday and I have been showered with great food, cake and much love!

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