9mm Pain All day

Today was the worst of them so far since my 9mm hitch hiker made itself known. I had to return to the emergency room again for treatment.  The pain has been continuous all day and even now I have no relief. I miss Roxie that does not help matters either. She comes back on Thursday night and will be with me for my surgery Friday, she did not want to return home but I insisted.


Her very presence seems to keep the pain at bay, she is my best friend and I miss her so very much when we are apart. I really wish I could  lay my head in her lap, close my eyes and rest for 5 minutes. She is such a blessing, I am amazed everyday at how wonderful she is. I am indeed a very fortunate man to have her in my life.

The time won’t be long now till Friday is here and I can rid myself of this 9mm worth of pain, Roxie is going to stay with me a while afterwards so I have much to be thankful and to look forward to!




2 Responses to 9mm Pain All day

  1. Nataly says:

    Ack! 😦 Totally feeling for you – considering my experience with kidney stones at the beginning of the year. Glad Roxie will be with you after surgery! Take care 🙂

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