9 mm Day Three


Let down is not an accurate word to describe how I felt after my doctor visit today. Not only did I not have the non invasive procedure performed today to remove the kidney stone but now I get to have surgery on Friday. As I walked out into the lobby of the doctor’s office Roxie new from my facial expression that things had not gone as I had been told and hoped they would.

This has just not been a good 72 hours for me I tell you, there was another episode as the stone once again blocked the urine flow out of my kidney; it was not to the level I had experienced  last Saturday but it had my full attention nonetheless. Roxie had to pull the car over and let me out as I could not sit. I just walked around on the sidewalk for a bit till it thankfully stopped hurting.

There was a bit unexpected good news, the doctor performed a full exam up to and including a prostate check, yeah I am at that age now where it is wise to have that checked regularly, heck he even threw in an anti-biotic for this sinus thing that has lingered after I got over the cold give to me by my little princess Jennifer.

I suppose I should stop whining though, Roxie is taking awesome care of me and she made a great dinner of homemade chili, this woman can sure cook!

Thank you to all who have wished me well and I truly do appreciate your well wishes and prayers.

yep more to come in the continuing saga of the unwanted 9mm house guest.





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