9 mm Day 2



Day 2 with my unwanted 9 mm friend has pretty much come to an end assuming I am able to sleep to-night.  My day today as a whole has been better than I had thought it was going to be actually, only 2 major visits from my so-called 9 mm friend.

Roxie has been at my side all day, she has fussed over me and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I do admit I love the attention but sure wish it was for different reasons. Roxie and I were talking as I lay on the couch with my feet propped in her lap as we watched football today. I remarked to her a comment from nurse Tia about how the pain of a kidney stone was as close as a man is likely to come to knowing the pain of child-birth. Ladies I take a bow to each and every one of you who has given birth.

I can assure you this, if it were the male of our species who had to give birth I suspect there would only be about half a dozen or so people on the planet at any given time.

There is one good aspect of all the down time though, it’s the opportunity to talk to Roxie about the important things in our lives. I have been truly blessed with  having her in my life and I have known this for a long time. What I did not realize at first was how my friends would react when the world filtered through them. I have had many calls and several visits from friends, food has been brought by so Roxie does not have to work so hard. I did not expect this type of reaction to be candid, unlike the Atlanta area where I have friends going back over 20 years, I am relatively new here so the number and length of my new friends and friendships is rather short by comparison.

I have a consult with the urologist on Monday in the am, I hope that I can be cured of this 9 mm pain in the kidney on the same day. Roxie is going to drive me to the doctor’s office, we have been told the doctor will be able to use the non invasive method to rid me of this unwanted bodily guest. However just in case I have out-patient surgery, she would not have it any other way than to be with me from start to finish.

Wish me luck and a prayer for quick healing is greatly appreciated.


More to come.



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