9 mm Slug to The Kidney

This morning started just like the day before, up at 4:30 am to get ready for work, what I did not know was that in only a couple of hours time I would be in the hospital. I sat at my desk a few minutes before 6 am today; I began to eat my breakfast as I started to compile the daily reports for this shift nothing abnormal so far right!

I had not consumed one bite of my breakfast before the pain in my left side became pronounced, in just a few short minutes the pain was such that I could not sit nor breathe easily. I stood up in hopes I could relieve the pain in my left side, the pain seemed to move from the middle of my left side upwards then across my stomach.

I began to sweat and feel nauseated, this is a bad position to be in on a normal day but this morning I was alone in the office. I walked as fast as I could to the rest room, surely I needed to throw up but no, nothing but more pain and a shortness of breath. I made my way back to the office in time to hear the last ring of the phone.

Now I was in trouble, I am panting for breath, the phones are starting to ring with the needs of soldiers in distant combat zones, only I can not hardly breath much less speak. I called the first missed caller back, I knew the number instantly when I saw it. I asked my down range friend what his issue was and he stated it could wait as I sounded as though I needed help. I agreed with him I did but I felt I could manage the pain , surely it would subside in short order.

I assisted him as quickly as I could with his account problem and then raced to the bathroom again, this time I was sick and nearly passed out from the pain as I  knelt on cold tile floor of the bathroom. As quickly as it had came the pain in my side and abdomen was gone, whew  I managed to  get through it I thought to myself.

The respite was short, I had no more than sat down at my desk again when the pain was once again upon me; the pain this time was more severe than before, I could not move, my breaths were nothing more than short pants, my vision blurred for a bit and I knew then I had to make a call to someone.

My first call was to a co-worker I knew was scheduled to come to work later that morning, as best I could I took a deep breath and explained I needed him to come as soon as he could and relieve me, I hate ruining anyone’s weekend but I had no choice. He did not even hesitate but said he was on his way. The next call I made was to a dear friend of mine, the mother of my little princess Jennifer, The moment she heard my voice she knew I was in trouble and agreed to come and get me from work and take me to the hospital.

She lives close to my place of work and could get there far faster than an ambulance, oddly both she and my co-worker arrived within a minute or so of one another. in the car were her son and Jennifer. This little girl loves me like there is no tomorrow and when she saw me in pain and barely able to walk her little eyes watered up in an instant.

I hurt like hell but seeing her cry broke my heart and I had her sit in my lap on the way to the emergency room. Each of us comforting the other as best we could and then she began to pray, this wonderful, loving, sweet little girl all of 4 years old began to pray for me. If you do not think that love can be shown then I tell you here and know you are wrong. This little angel on my lap prayed that the Lord would take away the pain of “her Danny”

I was in the emergency room in short order and they admitted me on the spot and took me to a room  faster than you can say Bob’s your uncle. The nurse inserted an intravenous line, not sure what was in the bag but  they had my pain managed in short order and wow is all I can say, it was surely a blessing to be able to think clearly again and not have to deal with the pain. The doctor was there in a flash and began to examine me and the next thing I know I am having a CAT scan done.

I of course had no idea what the issue was, my mind seemed to think of every horrible scenario; heart issue, another blood clot, tumor, cancer it all crossed my mind. I have been very fortunate in my life, seldom have I ever been to a hospital. Only three times actually, if you exclude getting shots or check ups. Once as a child of 12 with a broken arm, once in my twenties when I was shot in leg while in Iraq and once when I broke the same leg in my late 30’s.

The answer was soon found by the doctor and his staff, I have a kidney stone and according to the nurse it is impressive, 9 mm in size to be exact, damn what a slug to have in your kidney I thought. The doctor assured me there was no way I could pass such a large stone and I will have to undergo a procedure to remove it.

Today I was shown the power of prayer once again and how much my friends love me, everyone has dropped what they were doing to help me today, concerts canceled, phone calls made to Roxie on my behalf so she could be informed of my hospital stay and pending procedure. The best part was having little Jennifer able to join me in my room and see me feel better, her little heart was so happy when she saw me. her smile lit up the room and several of the staff were in tears when she came to my bed to see me. Rules be damned as far I was concerned, I picked her up and she lay in bed with me and we snuggled cause that’s how my little princess and I roll.

Roxie is on her way to be with me, I was released from the hospital, driven to the pharmacy to get meds and wouldn’t you know it, my neighbor downstairs is the one who filled my script. now that’s whats I call having a wonderful set of friends, the power of prayer and the power of love. 9 mm slug be damned I will be fine once the procedure is complete, my pain is managed  for the time being and so long as that continues I will be able to wait and have it done this Monday.

More to come later!


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