When Smooches Go Bad




Oh how my body aches, my head feels as if it were the size of a basketball, my eyes are watery and in general I just feel like poo. Yes I have the flu or something and it sucks. I am not sure where I picked it up from but I suspect I know where. My little princess is sick as well and I spent several hours with her the other day and she smooched me several times , well we smooched each other if I tell this story straight. She loves me dearly and I never turn down her kisses and hugs.

Smoooches, oh how wonder they are but not when you have a cold, I awoke 2 evenings ago and I could feel it upon me, I have drank juice, taken all the over the counter meds I could to stave it off but no dice, I got the bug. Last night while at work my head hurt so bad (sinus pressure) I actually laid down on the floor, it was the only position I could find to ease the pain. Finally after 3 doses of the plop plop fizz fizz the pressure began to ease and I was finally able to blow my nose with affect.

It never occurred to me when Roxie and I were visiting with Jenn and her family that I would catch her cold but oh boy did I ever! Yes it is now my turn to sound like Snuffelufagas and yes I have been teased about it as I should be from Roxie. She has tended to me as best she can considering I am working while she visits. She has brought meds to me at my work, tended to me when we are together and I do feel better but this cold/flu will just have to run its course. I see a long hot shower in my very near future….

When smooches go bad is how Roxie described my condition…



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