Wonderful Weekends

The weather has been cool as of late, offering a bit of respite from the summers heat. It is time to enjoy the outdoors while we can and Roxie and I are planning a weekend of just that “outdoors”.

This weekend we will take a short drive and go horseback riding with some friends, I have always enjoyed horses as has Roxanna. We are also going to have a bit of fun with a corn maze, the maze in the maze as they say. I have often enjoyed visiting a corn maze for a bit of fun with friends when I lived in Georgia. This weekend is about enjoying the outdoors and the company of good friends, there is a cook out planned for Saturday along with a bon fire later that night, nothing like roasting marshmallows and making s’mores and sharing great times with amazing friends! This weekend is going to be a combination of activities and relaxation all rolled into one and it will be a welcomed change from the severe stresses at work I have experienced these past few days.

As much as I truly enjoy being alone with Roxanna, sharing wonderful experiences with her and our friends is always a good thing, it will not be to long before the holidays are upon us once again, this year is going to be the best holiday season I have experienced in ages and last year was no slouch.

Have fun everyone, enjoy life and those loved ones you hold most dear…..


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