Simple Pleasures

Wow what a busy week I have just had; there was the long weekend of course which was capped off by an amazing cookout with Roxie and some of our friends. This week was also filled with work, it seems we tried to put in 2 weeks worth in less than one weeks worth of time.

Sunday Roxie and I had the pleasure of keeping my little friend Jennifer for the day, truth be told I had it made a beautiful lady snuggled next to me on the couch after an amazing lunch of roast beef and potatoes, carrots and more  while we watched a football game and then we went to the park for a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

The seasons have started to turn, there is a wonderful aroma in the air, the three of us walked about the park and enjoyed one of the last few days of summer. We were not alone , it seems many had the same idea since the weather was so awesome.

There was one older gentleman and his grandson at the park, they were flying kites and as soon as Jenn saw then she just would not have it any other way than to join them and make new friends, the older man was very sweet to Jenn and even let her fly the kite for a bit, the smile of wonderment on her face is something that is impossible to describe but will not be forgotten.

We are often reminded to stop and smell the roses, today was just that sort of day. Enjoy the wonderful weather, be thankful for those loved ones that we have in our lives and always remember to be just a little kid at times, yes today was a day of rest and enjoyment.

Towards the end of the day, the three of us sat near a wonderfully old oak tree and ate our snacks and talked, it was not long before I had a sweet pair of cheeks resting in the crook of both arms, we snuggled, talked and sang songs and in general just enjoyed being in the company of loved ones.

I pray there are many more days such as yesterday, those type of days recharge a person’s soul and energize our spirits, simple days filled with simple enjoyment, those are the types of memories I treasure most in life, those memories last a lifetime!


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