Just a Note

Labor Day is upon us, it is a time to reflect and celebrate the end of summer and the soon to arrive season of fall. This Labor day for me is 1000% better than last year ever could have been even if all had gone according to plan. This new season that comes will soon mark the 1 year anniversary between Roxanna and I, life has never been better than with her.

I pray everyone has a wonderful Labor day weekend, Mine will be spent with Roxanna, friends and some of her siblings. Please drive safe if you must drive, do not over indulge and let us be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy which are made possible via the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform!

Have a blast everyone!


2 Responses to Just a Note

  1. One year?! That is amazing. Time is flying by!!

    • I know , it hardly seems like a year that she and I have been together will soon be upon us, I mnentioned to her yesterday. Time just has flown by and I am such a fortunate man to have her in my life!!!

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