Resolute in Duty

This morning I received word that 2 of my friends were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend, once again it is an Afghanistan soldier who has committed the murders. We are supposed to be allies in this fight but I see a terrible trend. There does not appear to be any honor or integrity in that nation; despite their words to the world stating how much they desire freedom and liberty, their government seems to not care how their protectors are treated.

We give them food, medicine and medical treatment, monetary aid, education ; our soldiers risk their lives daily to help secure not only our own safety but theirs as well, I myself have given blood during 2 combat episodes to aid an injured Afghan child and another time to aid an Afghan soldier.

There is no reason why that countries leaders can not do more to rid their own ranks of this problem, it sickens me that our brave men and women can not even trust the leaders of the nation they so bravely protect. No war is easy and if we leave now it will all have been for nothing. I for one do not wish to see our brave men and women in uniform sacrifices be for nothing. Let us be resolute in our duty and defeat this enemy!

I am so angry I could spit nails over this issue, many families have suffered during these past years of war, I have now lost a total of 6 personal friends as a result, I myself was shot at as I left Afghanistan this time last year to return home for what was supposed to be my wedding; at least I was able to shoot back at a known and visible enemy,those that shot at me did not pretend to be  friends, they did not hide like cowardly dogs behind the uniform of an ally.

If you have a moment during your day please pray for a safe and healthy return for all of our men and women in uniform, and let us not forget about the civilians who are there as well, many have been killed,kidnapped and tortured as also.


2 Responses to Resolute in Duty

  1. So sorry for your losses. There is nothing more to say than you know we are praying over here!

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