Memories, Friends, Music and Laughter

Roxie and I had a great weekend, she and I went to dinner last night and spent the evening together. Once home we had the nicest time just talking,holding hands and being in each others company. We sat together on the couch with her feet in my lap as we watched a movie, she has the cutest toes and they are always painted just so!.

I rubbed her feet and we talked of our future together, there is the trip back to Barbados; we both enjoyed our time there together and can not wait to return. We also spoke of children and how much we have enjoyed having Jenn in our lives. Roxie dotes on her big time  as do I, it has amazed me how much we have all grown to love one another and how close her family and Roxie and I have grown. There is nothing like the love of a child, it is just different in every positive way.

We spent Sunday night out  having dinner with friends, we played board games and had our own version of Karaoke, I have not laughed that hard and so much in a long time, my sides hurt we laughed so hard. one of her friends is professional stand up comic, he and his act had us all in stitches, the food, spending time with friends, again I was asked to share the story of  how Roxanna and I met. Every time I relate the story there is always at least one person who remarks on how happy I look as I am telling the story. I never tire of telling it, it will turn out to be the most wonderful unexpected event of my life.

Roxie and I are closing in on our one year anniversary, every day with her is a blessing.  She reads me so well, she can tell my mood, thoughts, you name it just by looking at me it seems. Even though I am a guy, I read her very well also and this is something that I have come to truly appreciate.  Her face is very expressive she has this movement she does with her eyebrows, she does not even realize she does it but it is oh so expressive. It is her version of an exclamation point at the end of a written sentence.

We also spoke of the possibility of my having to have surgery on my ankle, the joint has a lot of debris in it from when it was broken. As of late the pain is nearly constant and she has massaged it every time we are together, while that helps the issue still remains. The swelling has not gone done in a few days since I last twisted it while playing with Jenn and her brother. I have an appointment to see my doctor next week, I suspect I will then see an orthopedist and be told what I already suspect, perhaps there is a way to have some sort of out-patient procedure done, the less down time I have, the more time I can spend on vacation with Roxie and that is always a wonderful thing.


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