In Her Eyes

My mind adrift in future hopes and dreams also with the memories of days gone by. I am a romantic no longer reluctant. Romance and memories are a blessing to me and yet at times also curse.

A past filled with moments of great triumph, fists pumping in the air and amazing failures as well, I have more than once fallen flat in sad disgrace.

I am resilient,persistent and to damn stubborn to quit, even when many have said it was the wiser thing to do.

The easy road seldom my choice, the true reason unknown as to why. The path I tend to choose is not smooth or free of strife.

I have known love filled with lust,romance,promise and great passion; There have also been times I have not recognized I had more than I could ever dreamed of, even though she was right at my side.

I am a romantic no longer held in check by the woes of society, I am free to express myself in any way I choose, no longer fearing the ridicule of man, no longer caring as they do not understand.

Let the interlopers of our lives find peace within their own, or they can all go straight to hell. I will not allow them to take me with them, I am free of that bondage and its influence.

I am imperfect in so many ways. There will always be somewhere I fall short, but in her eyes I shine. In my imperfections she finds the heart of a good and decent man, her champion with the dented and rusted armor.

In her eyes I shine, even with my faults. With her love and understanding the rust and dents removed.

No man is perfect but with the love and adoration of a good woman he can become more than he ever thought possible.


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