Dora The Explorer a Tantrum and a Lesson

It is once again that time of year, school is starting all over the nation, that means lots of shopping at the very least. There are lists of school supplies that are needed, new clothes and more. I have written about my little 4-year-old friend Jenn. Normally she is a well-behaved and loving little lady but not today!

Today was get the last of the school supplies and clothing day for her mother. Her mom and several of her friends including myself have been looking for a Dora The Explorer back pack for Jenn, she seldom asks for anything to be honest but has had her heart set on this item for sometime. Not one of those blasted things has been seen within 50 miles of where they live not one but her mom finally located one and everything seemed to be going well until someone stole Jenn and replaced her with her evil twin lol.

Now imagine this scene, mom is standing at the check out handing over the items to be purchased, the last item was the backpack and little Jenn was wearing it and proudly from what I am told, when mom asked for it there was some other child wearing it because evil Jenn said NO! not once but several times and no amount of logic would do. There was no tag to remove as it had a sticker, well of course it had a sticker what else would it have had for the price tag in this situation.

Then it got worse, evil Jenn screamed bloody murder”you can not have Dora” well the battle of wills began and little evil Jenn learned a valuable lesson, mommy can always put it back and that she did. If a tantrum was to be thrown, then a backpack was not going to be purchased, the tears and screams of no were heard all the way out of the store and through the parking lot I am told. This is where I became an UN-willing participant in this story. The moment they got into the car evil Jenn stated in no uncertain terms that she was going to call Danny(me) and tell on her mommy, the next thing her mom knew Jenn had swiped the phone out of her mom’s purse and had called me.

I answer the phone and all I can hear are tears and sobs, so I have no idea what is going on until Jenn finally composed herself and related the story to me, albeit how cruel and inhumane her mother was treating her. I could not help but laugh and actually be a bit impressed that a four-year old had actually managed to call me from a smart phone.  Sadly though I had to be the tough guy and remind her of how poorly she had behaved, I so much prefer to be the hero as opposed to the tough guy with her.

I give credit where credit is due because she listened to me and her mom, she has accepted that there will be no Dora back pack this year and she understands why. I am not her father and I do not even date her mom, we are all just friends and little Jenn both sweet and evil loves me and I her. She and I had a long talk and she asked me if she was going to be punished, I asked her if she thought she should be and oh my heart broke when she said yes because she had misbehaved. I asked her if she knew what type of punishment she had earned and she was quiet for a long time and then she said she should not get her allowance and not be able to go to a friends party this weekend.

I do not know about any of you but that is a very brave and honest answer, the final punishment is up to mom of course but I am proud of Jenn for not taking the easy road out, I am proud she learned a tough but valuable lesson!


4 Responses to Dora The Explorer a Tantrum and a Lesson

  1. Good for you for sticking up for mom! 🙂 Jenn sounds like she had a moment.. poor thing. HAHA

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