A Land Without Coca-Cola or Proper Sweet tea

 I have written that my dear Roxie and her family are from Michigan, I have enjoyed spending time with her family when she and I have gone to visit. There is however one major issue I have when she and I go to visit her family.  This area is a Coca-a- Cola free zone, I kid you not. I am from the south and lived in the Atlanta area for many years which is the home of Coke for many years. The very thought that this wonderful beverage would be difficult to find is just not conceivable to me but yet in this area of Michigan it is almost impossible to locate. There does however seem to be the occasional store that does carry it, they generally have it tucked away almost out of sight, this sort of reminds of the stories I have read about the prohibition era. As much as I love the area and people when I visit, there is just something so wrong about not freely selling the best tasting soft drink in the world, all I see is Pepsi and other vial carbonated concoctions, not even a fountain style coke to be had, what the heck is up with that! If the lack of a Coke product is not bad enough the northern part of the country seems oblivious to another southern tradition called sweet tea, for whatever reason these poor uninformed souls seem to think it’s proper sweet tea if you add sugar after it has brewed and cooled, oh it is just about enough to make a southern fellow scream in agony. The sugar always has to be added as soon as the tea is brewed nothing else will do! As I have said in the past, Roxanna’s mom is the best, one day when I was there visiting she asked me to show her how to make sweet tea, Oh I am sure she really did not need my help but it was a sweet gesture (pardon the pun) on her part none the less. She and I brewed a proper pot of tea and mixed in the sugar and then enjoyed the sweet smooth flavor of an iced filled glass of southern sweet tea. I may have to bring my own bottles of coke when Roxie and I visit her family but now I can enjoy a proper glass of southern sweet tea with dinner and her mom is an amazing cook! I am looking forward to seeing them again. The entire family has a wonderful sense of humor and there is always something going on, I am truly blessed as they have welcomed me into the family with open arms.


4 Responses to A Land Without Coca-Cola or Proper Sweet tea

  1. Umm, Michigan does lack sweet tea (unless you find a McDonalds) but Michigan does not lack Coke! Take it back!!! Trent and I are both Coke drinkiners (no Pepsi in our home.. EVER). 🙂

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