The Call

I got the most amazing phone call last night, my little friend who was recently adopted had her mom call me because she had hurt her eye, she just knew that I could make it all better even though I live some distance away. My little friend Jennifer had opened a packet of hot sauce when her mom was not looking (ie) she had hidden it lol, as she opened it a very small amount had squirted into her eye and of course it being hot sauce burned like the dickens.

Her mom was washing out her eye and little Jenn was crying because she was afraid and it hurt, she all but demanded her mom call me to fix it and make the pain go away, seems my little friend had not forgotten how I comforted her when I took her to get her ears pierced. Of course her mom was doing a fine job of tending to her baby girl but this little 4-year-old was bound and determined to speak to me on the phone so I could make it all better.

I got the call and all I could hear was my dear little Jenn crying and asking to speak to me, in between sobs she told me what happened and asked me to help. I being the hero in this short story did just that, I told her to let her mom wash her eyes out and then her mom would make her a special ice pack that would make it all better. Basically the same thing mom had been doing and was going to do with the ice pack. But today I was the hero for my little princess and I can not describe the pride I felt knowing I was her hero. To know this little girl  sees me as her go to person when something is wrong is truly a heart warming experience.

In short order she was no longer crying and was feeling better thanks to her moms tender touch and care, yeah I got the credit but hey she is my little princess how could it have ended in any other way!

I tell you now it is good to be loved and needed by a child even if that child is not your own! In the time I have come to know this amazing little girl I have come to realize that I do in deed have parental instincts, Roxie has said so many time before I suppose I just needed the love of a child to help me understand. Roxie says we need two children, that is fine with me, with any luck we can have one of each, now that’s something to look forward to!


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