Summertime and Memories

This past week, work has been no less than 14-16 hour work days. This has left little time for anything else but sleep. Roxie and I did manage to go to dinner one night and spend a few hours together before I could not stay awake any longer.

This weekend has been a relaxing one, Roxie and I spent time at a local event, the BBQ was amazing and the live music was just the touch needed to make the entire event a success. She and I also took my new little friend to the carnival, it was her first time and she loved the experience.

She saw a vendor who was air brushing T-shirts and made a mad dash for him. She told him she wanted one that said Danny’s little Princess, I call her my little princess and she wanted a T-shirt, she had no idea they cost money she just politely requested one, it was so cute and of course we got her one. Watching the two of them together, there is no doubt Roxie is going to be a terrific mom.

This week also brought with it bad news, one of my friends I worked with in Iraq had to be evacuated out of Afghanistan for emergency surgery, he is going to be ok but  it was a close call for a few days.

The past week  or so I have not been able to spend very much time with Roxie , her work schedule and mine  have conflicted a bit and we have not been able to see one another that often as a result. I so miss her when I am not with her. The past couple of weeks have been a bit worse than normal and there have been times I have felt so lonely without her.

The upside is that she and I are going to be able to spend much more time together in the upcoming weeks; she is taking some well-deserved time off. She works so very hard and seldom has taken a vacation so she has a lot of leave saved.

Her dad called me just to chat yesterday and he and I had a nice long conversation, he called me just because and for no other reason. He and I have really hit it off, he is a friend now and that is something I will cherish for as long as I live. He and I have chatted about having another guys event together, I mentioned that perhaps we should get the men of the family together and just go do something, her brothers are awesome men and they have welcomed me into the family like they had known me all of their lives.

Perhaps we could all take a road trip of some sort that is something I know we all would enjoy. That is something to give thought to, Her dad and I went to the Indy 500 together this past May so a big event with just us guys would be another memory maker, I like that Idea.

It is late and I am worn to a frazzle so I will close this for now it will be time to go to work far too soon, man I need to win the Lottery lol.


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