Confessions and Connections

I have a confession of sorts to make, yesterdays post was not exactly as candid as it should have been, the truth of the matter is, the entire experience that my little friend and I shared together touched me far greater than even I realized or was able to express at the moment.

She and I had an amazing time together yesterday, lots of laughter and jokes and funny stories, there was also a bonding moment that I did not see coming. The look on her face as she became momentarily frightened just before her ears were pierced, that look of trust in her eyes as she looked up at me while sitting in my lap. She began to cry a bit and it broke my heart, at that moment I would have given anything to prevent her from feeling the pain of the piercing, but she was brave and never wavered, OK well a little bit but who could blame this little 4-year-old for being afraid

I held her in my lap, the ladies cleaned her tiny ears and then they counted down from 3, I wished they had not counted it only made it worse for me. The moment they did her ears her little  body went rigid and she yelped in pain and I saw those tears stream down her cheeks, then from no where I began to tear up as well. I felt helpless that I was not able to prevent her from hurting but she was over it pretty quick and was so sweet. I was so happy for her, she was smiling in short order and in a few minutes it was as though nothing had ever gone on.

I on the other hand have been touched by that moment she and I shared, the trust she has in me, her tiny hand in mine holding me tightly, believing that I would keep her safe, yes that connection we share can not be broken, she is not my little girl but I lover her just the same.

When she tells me she loves me there is no doubt that she does, oh what a lovely smile she has, it warms my heart to see her happy, though I a not a parent I can now understand all to easy how a parent could do anything to protect one of their own, the connection once made can not nor should not be broken.

I am a better man for experiencing yesterday, there are some connections that touch our hearts in ways we could never have imagined, yesterday was a connection I will never forget.


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